Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your Square Share

Sheryl Crow's one square idea can only go so far. There is still a lot of waste in flushing even single squares of toilet paper down the toilet. I recommend we all switch to this luxury brand of TP. It's three-ply construction and dark color mean we could use a square, rinse, hang to dry, and reuse over and over. A single roll of this stuff would probably last the average person a year. Talk about environmentally-friendly!


Meloncutter said...

I saw on one of those educational TV channels the other day that the average person will use around 84000 sheets of butt wipe per years. They had the exact number and I did the math then and I figured out that is about 52.7 sheets of TP per crap.

I would say with an ass my size, that ain't bad. When you caluclate that each butt nugget is aoubt 20 inches in length, that comes out to less than 3 sheets an inch for a good average turd.

Hmmm.... Could be a blog post in this somewhere. LOL

Have a good one

Later Y'all

Lee said...


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm waiting until they hand out clumps of Sheryl Crow's hair for wiping.