Monday, May 07, 2007

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

The good news is that AbbaGirl74 was not sucked up by the tornadoes that reduced parts of her home state of Kansas to rubble this past weekend. The bad news is that I, therefore, feel compelled to comply with her recent tagging. Good thing I know how to count to five.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5 favorite daily activities
1. Going to Starbucks
2. Goofing off on the Internet
3. Taking a walk
4. Vegetating on the couch
5. Repeating favorites 1 through 4

4 things that lift my mood
1. A delicious Starbucks latte
2. A weekday off from work
3. A decent book
4. A good bitch session

3 reasons to get out of bed

1. To make a pot of Starbucks coffee
2. To take a piss
3. To make a pot of Starbucks coffee AND take a piss

2 people I love
1. My Starbucks barista
2. Rock Star and Sneaker Dude

1 thing I love about myself
1. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about treating myself to $4 Starbucks lattes because I know I’m worth it.

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Michael C said...

I'm sensing you like the Starbucks.

I'm partial to their caramel apple cider. It's like a caramel apple in a cup...without the stick.

Blondie said...

Hahahaha! At least you know you're not alone--almost everyone I know is addicted to Starbucks.

csmc said...

Haha.. I wish more folks felt like they deserved a treat here and there. It would probably make for much nicer townsfolk, lol.

abbagirl74 said...

Loved it!

One of my favorite drinks is the dolce de leche latte. Mmmm...