Thursday, May 03, 2007

Extreme Makeover

Yippee! I got a complete makeover! And - it gets better - I'm going to post a picture so you guys can see the final result. How exciting is that?

I hope you aren't thinking I meant that I - as in my physical being - got a complete makeover. I'll have you know that I'm already smokin' hot and a perfect 10 in every way, so me getting a makeover would be an absolute and total waste. You'll just have to take my word on that because I'm not posting a picture to prove it.

Anyway, what I meant was that I got a complete BLOG makeover. Tah-dah...

(Click on the picture to get the full effect.)

Pretty cool, huh? Lucky for my (other) little ugly-duckling blog, I found out that Isabella Snow is not only a blogger extraordinaire, top-notch smut writer, and sultry singer, she also has a flair for beautifying blogs. Seriously, the woman has so many talents I'd have to hate her if she weren't so nice.

Throughout the process of my blog makeover Isabella was very accommodating, despite all my stupid questions and ridiculous requests. A lesser blog designer would have told my pain-in-the-ass self to take a hike but she went above and beyond, even working through some funky coding issues so my sidebar layout could be the way I wanted it. In short, Isabella rocks! So, if you are ready to ditch the boring standard blog templates, I would urge you to check out her Blogbunnie site.

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Isabella Snow said...

Ooh! Promotion!! Thank you!! :)))