Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Immaterial Personal Material

Kilroy_60 of Fear and Loathing - The Gonzo Papers fame tagged me for his 'Questions and Answers' meme awhile back and has been patiently awaiting my response. He will wait no more because – tah-dah – here it is.

1. What time is it?

Is that a trick question, or am I really supposed to say the big hand is on the … and the little hand is on the …?

2. What was the last thing you had to eat?

Does coffee count?

3. What is your favorite television program?

Drama: ER
Comedy: The Office
Reality: Wife Swap

Though who has time for TV when there are blogs to read?

4. You can travel anywhere in the world; one destination per day from Friday through Monday. Where do you go?

Friday: Bolivia
Saturday: Bolivia
Sunday: Bolivia
Monday: Bolivia

I hate to fly, so if I schlep all the way down there I’m staying a few weeks, minimum.

5. Who is your favorite character from a cartoon or comic strip?

Hmm, I’m not a huge fan of cartoons, so I’ll pick my least favorite instead: Smurfette. In fact, the whole Smurf clan makes me want to gag.

6. What would you like for breakfast?

First and foremost, I would like to be able to sleep in and eat it at noon. If I can do that I promise not to be fussy about what is served. Though I’d pick French toast with real maple syrup, if given the choice. (Carbs! My fave food group!) To drink, cranberry juice and, of course, coffee.

7. Who is the first public figure that comes to mind that you think is attractive?

Donald Trump. Damn, he’s hot. (Well, not really, but what he lacks in looks and congeniality, he more than makes up for in $$$$. Otherwise how to explain the fact that he keeps attracting super model spouses?)

8. Who, outside of your family and "God", has had the greatest impact on your life?

Sister Maria Teresa, senior year in high school, who told me that journalism was not an appropriate career for a nice, young lady like me. I should have realized the Sister had no idea what she was talking about after she said pre-marital sex could never be fulfilling.

9. You retrieve a bottle floating in the water. What does the message say that you find inside?

You are the lucky $100 billion winner. Call 1-800-555-1234 to collect your prize. Offer void after May 21, 2007.

10. What movies do you select {limit of six} for a one-day film festival?

All film festivals need a theme. Mine will be hot, steamy Latinos (or if you prefer, Latinas). Yum!

Part I: Latinos in Latin America
--Y Tu Mama Tambien
--Diarios de Motocicleta
--Amores Perros
Part II: Latinos in the US of A
--Maria Llena de Gracia
--El Norte

There are more movies that deserve a mention here, but I always follow the rules, so my film festival will have six movies only.

11. Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it? If not, what do you think would be of interest to you?


12. Given the opportunity to travel back in time, when would your destination be?

I would set the time machine to land me in the Massachusetts Bay Colony circa 1640s so I could meet my ancestors who first set foot in America. But the time machine better be a two-way device because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t last more than a day in colonial times. I mean, cooking without a microwave? Is that even possible?

13. Vietnam gave us China Beach. M*A*S*H came from the Korean War. What will the name of the television series be that results from our current state of military affairs?

Law & Order: War Crimes

14. What is the last book you read?

Nothing too trashy, so I don’t even have to lie: The Broker by John Grisham.

15. What five people do you MEET in Heaven?

I’m going to Heaven? Wow, that’s such a surprise that I am at a loss to say who I’d like to hang out with while I’m there. I guess I’d like to meet whatever gods are up there. Then I can find out if they are for real or not.

16. What five people do you VISIT in Hell?

Wait, I thought I was in Heaven. If I’m in Heaven, why would I want to visit Hell?

17. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word pleasure?

A perfectly-prepared Starbucks venti non-fat, no-foam latte

18. Eliminating price and availability as considerations, what six things do you put on your list when you go grocery shopping?

Well, given that price and availability are not considerations, I’ll take:
-A brand-new, shiny, red convertible
-A winning $1 million dollar lottery ticket
-About 180 lbs. of tall, dark and handsome man meat
-A 2-liter bottle of fountain of youth elixir
-An ounce of world peace
-And, of course, a pound of Starbucks coffee

19. What is your favorite non-blog related link?

Not counting all the XXX ones, www.google.com.

20. What will the title of your life story be?

Lowered Expectations (Regardless of what you may think that is not a commentary on my life, but rather my secret to happiness: Always expect the worst and you will never ever be disappointed.)

21. What three people alive today would you like to have join you for dinner?

My mom and my two kids. (How sweet is that?)

22. Which candle scent do you find most pleasing?

As a general rule scented candles make me nauseous, but one time someone gave me a papaya soy wax candle that was delicious.

23. What question would you suggest I include the next time we play this game?

Twenty-two questions seemed like more than enough. I am not that interesting. Trust me.

Apparently this is where I am supposed to tag five other people. Drum roll please. I tag Abbagirl74, Kirsten, Lizza, Starrlight and [insert your name here].


Starrlight said...


Look for mine tomorrow night =)

lizza said...

So she likes Latinos, eh? Mmmmm...

Your answer to #8 made me laugh! Your Sister Maria Teresa should've been a comedienne.

Let me think about my answers; I'll post them soon!

Kilroy_60 said...

You underestimated your score; I think this would have to rate platinum at least. Although, to be honest, I'm not sure any star shines bright enough to qualify for the laughs. 8-)

Thanks for playing along.

How would you like to do the ABC's now?

Deb said...

#9 made me giggle.. we must have the same sort of luck.

#17 is the BEST. Yummy.

nursemyra said...

donald trump AND latin movies? damn that's eclectic!

you can thank Lizza for sending me over here :-)

Odat said...

Number 8 is priceless....
but Donald Trump makes me gag!

Starrlight said...

Mine is finally done :P

Damn that was hard!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Interesting answers, all.

I especially like War & Order: War Crimes.