Monday, May 21, 2007

Warning: Graphic Content

This post contains graphic content.
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Um, yeah, never mind. If you are bothering to read my semi-trashy (albeit tastefully so) blog, chances are you can handle what follows. And if not, don't bother trying to sue me. I don't have any money anyway.

Today I got a rather odd comment to a post from last September. The comment seems to be about the crackdown on 'Islamic' dress code regulations in Iran. (The post in question discussed a completely different subject, though I have blogged previously about Iranian fashion.) I say 'seems to be' because the commenter's English is sketchy (or at least that's how I am explaining away his or her inappropriate mention of dogie-style sex). Also, most of the comment is in Farsi (I think) and, though I am pretty adept at languages, that one completely escapes me. (It would be a whole lot easier if they'd just use regular letters instead of all those little squiggles.)

The comment includes
a link which leads to the picture below and a web page full of nothing but squiggles. Crap! Now how the hell am I supposed to know what happened to this woman??

The anonymous commenter would have us believe she is an Iranian woman who was smacked upside the head because she was dressed like a little hussy. And I do see that she is not wearing a head scarf. *gasp* But would someone really beat a woman up just because they considered her to not be appropriately attired??

Apparently so. After searching around and around I finally found this [in English], which does indeed suggest this woman was injured in a clash with Iranian police over the dress code. Also found more here - 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, YouTube - about the recent crackdown on 'non-Islamic' dress in Iran. An annual spring-time event, according to reports, but much more stringent this year than in the past.

You would think the police in Iran would have better things to do than worry about whether women have their scarves on right. Although, if the folks who advocate mandatory hijab for women are correct, just seeing a woman's hair is so fricking titillating that men can't control their urge to fuck her. Since women who are raped may be subject to punishment - even death - under Sharia, maybe making sure women keep themselves under wraps is akin to saving their lives. Or not.

Not really related, but even more graphic: link. (I had to say 'not really related' to show I know Iran and Iraq are not the same country. Also this harsh interpretation of 'righteousness' isn't Muslim.) More details here. All I can add is WTF?! Oh, and, ladies, beware of the guys pictured here.

Credit where credit is due: Found the link above via Welcome to Wallyworld. When searching for info on the Iranian dress code crackdown. Go figure. At least it was 'graphic' so I could append it to this Manic Monday post. I might have given it more coverage if I hadn't already used up all my energy writing the previous section. I can only be serious for short stretches, you know. So I'll leave it up to you all to incite the masses about this sort of thing via your own blogs.

This week's word was graphic.
Warning: more graphic content here.


Meloncutter said...

Good post. This is a great way to use the word graphic and make a good point.

Later Y'all

mousey said...

informative post.

Starrlight said...

Damn Par you got a nutjob. I saw that stoning video on CNN and frankly, all PC'ness totally aside, it made me want to rethink the glass parking lot theory. And you are right it is not representative of muslimism as religion but rather a misogynistic society. I think the muslim religion is pretty much the fall guy for these assholes.