Monday, June 25, 2007

The Healing Arts

Just because you have boo-boos doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best.

Band aids with bling

Bling plaster with polished Swarovski crystals. These designs will rotate heads. The feeling will be unbelievably positive. [Rough translation of this product's description]

An ace bandage that's a real fashion statement

Putting on this healer with diagonal decoration will make small aches and pains visible and trendy. Useful even in the absence of ouchies.** [Rough translation of this product's description]

**Apparently refers to the fact that the bandage conveniently doubles as a tube top or BDSM restraint so you can keep using it even after you are all better.

Credit where credit is due: Found these products at Design3000, but the designer is Fabian Seibert a.k.a. Suelzkotlett.

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R2K said...

These look great, and I posted your image today.