Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Defense: Insanity

Admittedly I have been neglecting blogging recently. My posts have been sporadic and (worst of all) I haven't been making the rounds to read all of the great posts other bloggers write. My defense? Insanity.

You see, I signed up to take a forensic psychology class this summer. (It sounded like a good idea at the time. At this point I can't remember why.) The class is comprised of one lawyer (who justifies everything he says with citations to the relevant case law), umpteen cops (who carry big guns so need no justification to say whatever the hell they want) and little ol' me (whose point of reference for all things related to the criminal justice system tends to be along the lines of, 'one time on Law&Order...'). Can you guess who is not going to get an A in the class?

Anyway, I have a paper due tomorrow about the insanity defense. Researching the paper has made me almost insane (What the hell is up with all the Latin words that the justice system uses? I have to look up like every third word. Suddenly I am thinking maybe the US does need an English only law. ) Writing the paper could push me the rest of the way over the edge. (I'm a procrastinator so, no, I haven't started writing yet. It'll be a long night...) I'll try not to go all serial killer while in my frenzied must-finish-this-paper-now state, though, because the insanity defense is not usually successful. (That time on Law&Order when the mom who killed her kids got off by claiming insanity was a notable exception, of course.)

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