Saturday, June 09, 2007

People with Pride

Some Faces from the Crowd ~ Boston Pride Festival
Boston City Hall Plaza
June 9, 2007

Great t-shirt!
I neglected to ask this man where it's from.
Behind the 'delicious derriere' was a camera shy woman.
The calendar she held is a MOB New England fundraiser.

Ask. Tell.
Proud to Serve
Our Community, Our Country, Our World.

The LGBT community is an integral part of society at every level of organization: community, country, and the world. We are your doctors, lawyers, teachers, leaders, engineers, custodians, bankers, and bakers. We are proud of our service and we are happy to share our lives with you. Just ask, and we'll tell! [Boston Pride Theme 2007]


Blondie said...

I love the pics. The Pride parade in Chicago each year is a TREAT. Everyone is so happy.

Nina said...

Great pics! Ours is in a couple of weeks. Last year my favorite was the pansy float...everyone dressed as pansy flowers. Hehehe...

Gay Pride is such a happy, fun event!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Great pix. SF has several parades in the Castro every year, and they are always peaceable, happy events with amazing costumes.

Starrlight said...

Those are awesome pics and I want that use me t shirt!