Thursday, July 12, 2007

And We Care Because...?

In the why-the-hell-is-this-big-news category, we have the story of Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, whose "unladylike" photos from her Facebook page (since taken down), which she says "were meant to be private," were sent to pageant officials in an apparent blackmail attempt by some ugly Jersey chick who thought she should have been crowned Miss NJ, but wasn't. (OK, well, really that's just my guess. Who the perp is remains unknown.)

In an attempt to one-up the blackmailer, Miss NJ then went public with her pics on the Today Show, even though it made her "feel very vulnerable that the entire country" was going to see her in racy shots such as this one:

OMG! I'm shocked. I can practically see her privates. Well, except for the fact that everything is totally covered by her very unrevealing attire. This is what had Miss NJ all worried that pageant officials were going to pull her crown, thus denying her a chance to participate in Miss America? Puh-lease!

First of all, I'd hardly call the photos objectionable. She probably shows more skin in the swim suit competition. Plus, half the young people in America have far more compromising personal pictures on their MySpace, Facebook, etc. pages. Which leads to my second point... If you mean for your pictures to be private, then don't post them on your MySpace, Facebook, etc. page to begin with. (Like, duh! Don't they teach anything in beauty pageant school?) And finally, had pageant officials said they were going to dethrone her (which they ultimately did not), all Polumbo had to do was say she was addicted to posting pictures on Facebook and would immediately enter rehab. That always works as a last resort for any sort of transgression, big or small.

Sources: CNN, MSNBC, 500 other news sites that thought this was headline news

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