Friday, July 13, 2007

Bore Me Like Beckham

Football a.k.a. soccer star, David Beckham, and his wife, Pouty Spice (or whatever her name is), touched down in the US today.


There is such a thing as celebrity overexposure. Becks and the Mrs. were dangerously close to that point before they even stepped one foot off the plane in L.A.

At least he has a cute ass. I'm still not sure what her redeeming quality is.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've been trying to remember what Beckham does besides husband a Spice Girl. Thanks for clearing that up.

I couldn't figure out why they were feature in the evening news as they entered L.A.and went to their 100 million dollar villa. It made even less sense than Paris in Maui. Maybe they have also been in jail recently?

Blondie said...

I really don't understand them or care about them all. I'm so glad you agree!

slaghammer said...

I think you are missing the point, you see, they are famous and therefore they must be watched. If they are not watched, then they will no longer be famous. And, if they are no longer famous, then there will be no reason to watch them. And if there is no longer any reason to watch them, then they will have gone through all that trouble for no reason at all. And then we will have to start paying attention to Brittney again. Or Britnay, or Britneigh, or however she spells her name. Or, we could do something more productive, like dig holes in the back yard in which we could bury the remnants of our self-esteem. I actually have no interest in them (any of them) whatsoever. I’m just killing time, hanging out in old posts after everybody’s cleared out and moved on. It’s like being in a vacant house. Creepy.