Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pain in the Ass

The world's first mini camera, the VEF Minox, was initially manufactured in Riga, the capital of Latvia. *sensing blank stares at the mention of Latvia* You know, as in the Republic of Latvia, that country of 2.3 million situated in north-eastern Europe with a coastline along the Baltic Sea that is geographically the middle of the three former Soviet Baltic republics in Europe, sitting as it does between Estonia and Lithuania. Like, duh! [1]

In homage to the minimum is maximum concept that the Minox embodied, students at The Art Academy of Latvia were challenged to design products that utilized minimum space and materials but had maximum utility. This is student Kaspars Jursons' design.

As Jursons describes it, this product, that he named Chiks (which probably has some meaning that escapes me seeing as how I don't speak Latvian), is a "maximally space saving and easy transformable seat what gives a solution of relaxational problems when there’s nothing to sit on."

I'd add that it fits the minimum/maximum theme perfectly because minimum product malfunction = maximum pain in the ass.

Credit where credit is due: Found via DesignEast, which I surfed to when searching for something else entirely (of course). Check out other min/max designs there or at the Art Academy of Latvia site [both in English]. My fave was the business card/paper cup.

[1] True confessions: I am somewhat less than pretty much clueless about all things Latvian, so I grabbed the country details from here.

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