Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 11th Commandment

Parishioners at St. Leonard's Catholic Church in Boston's North End may have to dig a little deeper into their pockets when they pass the plate at mass this week. That's because the church's pastor returned the $1,300 a movie production company had paid to rent the church hall, and asked them to vacate the premises. The reason? Pizza.

... The movie people had also rented Galleria Umberto’s [a nearby pizza place] ... and remade it into ... "Cheesus Crust" for the cameras ... There was a huge sign with a crucifix on it that said "Cheesus Crust" ... Inside they had a mural of The Last Supper and Jesus’ face was the pizza guy’s. [Boston Herald, 9/18/2007]

The pastor was not amused. And with good reason since everyone knows that 'Thou shalt not tell jokes' is the 11th Commandment.

*The movie being filmed was Bachelor No. 2, with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson. (The t-shirt suggests that Jesus' love of pizza was established well before the movie.)

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