Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Yes, ladies, it's OK to peek...

Vaginal self-exam kit, $25
And apparently also OK to peek at your gal pals.

Vaginal self-exam "may be performed individually or in a group where the experience may be shared and each person in the group can learn more about the wide range of what is normal for women."

But if that's too freaky for you, you can always just learn about the wide range of what is normal via online fetish porn. Because a whole lot of that sure popped up when I did a Google search for vaginal self-exam.

Semi-related: National Institutes of Health website about the history of the pregnancy test kit. Your tax dollars at work, so check it out; it's rather interesting.

This week's word is kit.
See the whole kit & kaboodle here.


Kevin said...

How can there be no comments regarding a post about vaginal self exam?

The thing that struck me as a bit odd, was the suggestion that it could be performed in a group.

I'd much rather keep my little fantasy of women having pillow-fights in their underwear when they get together. I just can't imagine 6 women sitting around, hunkered down in a chair or on a couch with speculums and mirrors checking themselves out.


Lampy said...

Ew. Individual or in a group?? Gross. The flashlight kind of grosses me out too.

I think most women have already done the self-exam during that first fun tampon experience. Remember that fun time? I can remember being one confused 14 year old. Where was this kit when I could have used it! ;)