Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rx for Increasing Rx Sales

Online advertising spending by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry will hit $975 million in 2007, a gain of 19% over 2006. By 2011, the pharmaceutical category will account for 5% of US online ad spending, or $2.2 billion. [PharmaLive, 9/18/2007]

Oh goodie, because I never can get enough of shit like this...

Lame games!

An online game for when you're busy at work! I mean, the work can wait, right? (Link)

A game about insomnia! So boring it's guaranteed to cure your insomnia. (Link)

Yet another computer game to test your wits! And your patience! Do people really play these things? (Link)

Play darts online! Practice your aim. So you don't miss the mark when the Viagra kicks in. (Link)

A game about diarrhea! What could be more fun that that? (Link)

Cheesy contests and giveaways!

Win a luxury bed; sleep better! They're only giving away one because if you can sleep, you won't buy their product. (Link)

Back-to-school freebies! Only drawback: Your kids will hate you forever if you make them carry something so uncool. (Link)

Be a movie star! Win prizes. Or not. But who cares? You're going to be a star! (Link, Videos)

Stupid stuff that defies categorization!

An online diary to track your monthly cycle! Predict exactly when you'll be at your bitchiest. (Link)

A quartet of virtual life coaches at your beck and call! Perfect if you have no friends and lack funds for therapy. (Link)

A free e-card! Because nothing says I care about you less than an e-card from a pharmaceutical company. (

A relationship registry to help your partner remember your b-day and fave sex position! If your partner suggests using the registry, break off the relationship immediately. (Link)

Important safety information about these links: These links are indicated only in cases of severe life-threatening boredom. These links may be used alone or with liberal amounts of alcoholic beverages. You should not use these links if you have anything better to do. Before you use these links you should have your head examined. Once you start using these links, tell your doctor right away or seek emergency care immediately if you have the urge to stop blogging. Also tell your doctor if you experience sudden exhilaration. It could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect known as assholitis. The combination of these links and a real life is not recommended. The most common side effects of these links are drowsiness, disbelief, nausea and cynical ideation.

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