Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who's the Baby's Daddy?

Charles Peavey of Concord, NH can't afford the DNA test needed to prove that the child who lived with him for several years is, in fact, his kin. Without a DNA test to conclusively show he is related to the young child, Peavey will be forced to give up custody.

The child, a boy named John, is believed to be the son of a relative of Peavey's who has since passed away. State officials took custody of John last year when questions were first raised about the child's kinship. "There was no sign of foul play, but officials said that [the child] could only be released to a relative." [1]

Following a court ruling in the case yesterday, Peavey now has 30 days to prove his relationship to the child or forfeit custody forever. Peavey, who had grown quite attached to John, said he was "disappointed it came to this" but that he simply does not have the $1,000 for the DNA test. [2]

This is not only sad, it begs the question: Where the hell is Maury Povich when you really need him?

Oh, yeah, I probably should add that the child in question is a mummy. Officials said NH state law "prevented them from returning the remains to [Peavey] unless he could prove he was next of kin." [2]

Although he's not sure, Peavey believes 'Baby John' was stillborn to his great-great uncle's girlfriend, who died in childbirth 80 or 90 years ago. The mummified remains were found among his great-great uncle's belongings when he died. "I've always treated him as a family member," said Peavey, who acknowledges that the whole thing may be just a tad too creepy for some. [3]

State officials plan to turn Baby John over to a funeral home for burial. Assuming, of course, that Maury does not come through with the DNA test that could prove Peavey and John are related and reunite this previously happy family.

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