Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Better Safe Than Sorry

"Designed for the sexually active woman who chooses to be a responsible partner, the Play Safe Thong's discreet personal pocket comfortably holds a condom... A fashion accessory like this makes perfect sense, because we all know passions cool when fumbling through a wallet, purse or drawer." ~Play Safe Thong website

I salute the concept but isn't it uncomfy to have a wrapped condom all stuck up in your butt crack? And, um, what about those times when you're shaking your bootie on the dance floor (in hopes of landing Mr. Right so as to even have a need for a condom) and beads of sweat drip down in your crack? How long can the condom hold up under those conditions?


Lampy said...

Like thongs aren't skanky enough on their own. Gross. I could never get into thongs..well...I could get into them, but they were SOOOO uncomfortable and they looked so bad on me. I was always worried about getting hit by a bus or something and having the paramedics refuse me medical treatment because of my undies. I think that stems from the lectures I got from my mother about having clean underwear in case of an accident. That never made sense to me.

Starrlight said...

Why can't the slut just carry a purse :P

masgblog said...

thongs aren't comfortable as they are, so I can't even imagine sticking something back there!

CP said...

I think having a condom that close to your ass can be misconstrued as false advertising...and that's all I have to say about that.


Amber said...

LMAO! @ CP's comment.

And what about those chicks that flash their thong because they think it's hot? And what about those of us who choose to be sexually responsible, but refuse to wear the butt floss? And what if you happen to have to fart and the gust shoots out of your jeans? THAT would be embarassing.

I, too, salute the concept. But they need to think bigger and put it in a place that is less... used?