Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Canuck TV

According to Wikipedia this award-winning Canadian sitcom has been syndicated to:

- France
- Switzerland
- French-speaking African countries
- Israel
- The West Bank
- Gaza
- Dubai
- Finland
- Turkey
- United Arab Emirates

But not to the US. Go figure.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, CBC TV (Video clip)


Rich said...

Michael LAndon would roll over in his grave that's why.

Paper Propaganda said...

lol, while it sounds bad... it's actually a very funny and (can) be a very informative show! I have to say as a parent of a kid in a private school... you better not be racist! My kid is a minority is his school, and we live in a primarily white city. But as far as the show goes... funny stuff. Why? Because it's not a white person making a joke at someone else, it's them sharing and showing how their culture is amusing, and yes, even to themselves :)