Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Does This Offend You? (#14)

Buddha statue 'endowed'
with shiny bronze banana and eggs

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Because it offended some folks in Norwich, England where it was displayed in the window of the St. Giles Street Gallery.

"We have had a complaint in respect of the prominent exhibition of this statue on the basis that it causes religious offense." ~Norwich police
"It's absolutely offensive. Everyone should have a choice but by having it up the window it is stuffing it in everyone's faces. It's petty and something a 13-year-old boy would do... It's completely wrong. Buddha is nothing more than gentle and that statue is just tat. " ~Jan Bennett, complained to the police about the statue
The police 'hate crimes' unit ordered the gallery owner David Koppell to remove the statue from the window, or face arrest and destruction of the statue. Valued at 125,000 British Pounds (+/-$250,000), the statue is part of an exhibit called 'A Trilogy - The Iconoclasts.' Previously displayed without incident at the Royal Academy in London, the exhibit is meant to 'ponder the misuse of religion.'

"One of the points of the work is to highlight how, in a global village where different cultures collide, you cannot help but upset somebody, somewhere, somehow." ~Colin Self, artist who designed the statue

And since somebody, somewhere, somehow is no doubt offended by much of the art that exists in the world, we should probably just destroy it all. After all, freedom of expression is not nearly as important as ensuring that nobody, nowhere in no way takes offense, right?

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ShadowFalcon said...

Having been to Norwich once (I got out at quickly as I could) people there are just plain wierd