Monday, October 15, 2007

Does This Offend You? (#15)

Halloween decoration
(Witch hung in effigy)

Because it sure offended Kelly Lynch who felt the Halloween decoration was a form of hate crime against witches, of which she is one.
... Lynch says it's no laughing matter. She says it's a hate crime against her religion. "Look at Louisiana, it's the same thing, what if a black family burned crosses, or nooses it would be the same thing, " says Lynch. ~CBS News, Springfield, MA, 10/12/07

Lynch asked the Chicopee, MA homeowner who displayed the decoration to take it down but he refused. Lynch plans to protest in front of the home if the decoration is not removed by Halloween.

Hmm, if she's a witch and all, instead of getting offended and staging a protest why doesn't Ms. Lynch just conjure up a spell and make the Halloween decoration go poof? Or turn the homeowner into a frog? I bet people would start respecting witches then.


Lampy said...

Does anyone else find it ironic that the girl's last name is "Lynch"?

Hahn at Home said...

As far as I know, witche's are not a protected class.