Sunday, October 14, 2007

Needle in a Haystack

Don't worry, I'm not planning to make a regular thing out of posting about my site meter report, but it's always interesting (to me anyway) to see how random web surfers - as opposed to my three faithful readers - find their way here.

Searches That Ended Up Here

(Week of October 8-14, 2007)

The Top Three

-- 'Women and butt plugs'
-- 'Things to do with butt plugs'

-- 'Butt plug safety'

-- 'Sex with butt plugs'

-- 'Are butt plus safe'

-- 'Butt plug fun' (links
here or here)

While I am honored to be considered one of the foremost butt plug authorities on the Internet, true disclosure requires me to reveal that everything I know about butt plugs I learned from watching kinky porn movies.

-- Names of various Lenovo torch bearer contest finalists (links

If I was in the contest I'd Google myself to see what had been written about me, too.

-- 'Halloween in Spain'
(links here)

Kids dressing up and begging door-to-door for candy was made up in the US because Hershey's needed a holiday besides Valentine's Day to sell, sell, sell. If they are
doing it in Spain, blame Hershey's. Semi-related holidays in Spanish-speaking countries include the Catholic-rooted All Saints Day and Día de los Muertos, which can be traced back to the Aztecs and the Maya, you know, those folks who happened to live in Mexico before the Spanish arrived.

Honorable Mentions

-- 'Ballbra' (links here)

Soon I will have to pay Ballbra for all the hits I get from posting about their product.

'Healthy Oreos' (links here)

There is no such thing as healthy Oreos; stop looking for them.

-- 'Young Merk' (links

Young Merk is
here. Or maybe somewhere in South Africa. Word is he's being deported to his native country on account of his conviction for receiving stolen property.

Just last week his baby's momma's parents
pleaded out to a misdemeanor. That means they won't go to jail for kidnapping their daughter, Katelyn Kampf, in an attempt to force her to to abort Young Merk's baby. (The baby was born in January.) So, parents, if you don't like your daughter's baby's daddy, you might want to consider kidnapping your daughter. Apparently it is not a felony.

-- 'Sophie Currier' (links here)

No one cares about Sophie Currier and her whoa-is-me story anymore. We just want to know if she actually was able to eek out a passing score on the medical licensing exam her second time around, given those extra breaks the appeals judge said she could have. Anyone know?

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