Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pink October #1

October is breast cancer awareness month. Therefore, throughout the month (or until I get bored) I will feature some of the many products being sold to raise money for breast cancer. Buy pink. Save a boob. Or something.

"Aurora Casket Company and the American Breast Cancer Foundation have teamed up to introduce the Sentiments Collection of caskets specially designed for women. This new collection features 10 of the most popular and stylish casket designs preferred by women. Now when families select a Sentiments casket, Aurora will make a donation in the name of the deceased to the American Breast Cancer Foundation." [ABCF website]
Um, OK. So the more women who die, the more money for breast cancer. Yeah!

Fine print: The casket pictured is not really part of Aurora's preferred-by-women Sentiments Collection. Try as I might, I could not find pictures of the collection online. But there's gotta be a pink one, right?

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