Monday, October 15, 2007

Pink October #10

You can erase all those visions of me as buxom from your mind. For now I shall tell the world that I think my boobs are cup size B and a half. If there even is such a thing. When I buy a C cup - which I usually do for the obvious reason that bigger boobs are better boobs - my tits kind of flop around inside my bra, but when I buy a B there tends to be spillage.

Usually when I need new bras I try on like 20, pick the one that's least bad, buy it in every color, and hope they still make the same style next time I need new bras. There's gotta be a better way, right?

Well, turns out the fashion experts say women should get professionally sized for a bra at least once a year, as well as after losing or gaining weight or following pregnancy. Don't ya wonder what kind of training is required to be a bra sizer? Can a guy be a bra sizer? What about a lesbian? Ah, so many questions, but I digress. Point is, I have never ever been sized! So my boobs just may be double D after all.

If you are in a similar situation the bra manufacturer Wacoal is providing free fittings across the US and donating 2 bucks to Susan G Komen for the Cure for each woman who sizes up her tits. You can go here to see when (and if... they seem to be hitting mostly suburban-type malls) 'Fit for the Cure' will be in your area.

They'll probably try to push some bras on you after the sizing - it's not like they are measuring women out of the goodness of their hearts and a love for boobies, after all - but they are donating $2 for each bra sold at the sizing events to Komen, too. Wacoal's guaranteed minimum donation, according to their website, is $250,000, which represents a lot of sized-up boobs.

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