Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pink October #11

Is it just me or is it a bit ironic that a hairbrush manufacturer has teamed up with an organization dedicated to assisting women following a diagnosis of breast cancer? I mean, hello, chemo! I wouldn't think hair brushes are exactly on the top of every-woman-undergoing-breast-cancer-treatment's wish list.

But I guess there are always wigs that need brushing. Or hair that grows back eventually. So, in steps Goody with their 'Comfort Meets Cause' effort to raise money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

There appear to be two parts to Goody's 'Comfort Meets Cause.' The first involves the sale of pink brushes, hair bands, scarves and elastics. It seems - but is not entirely clear - that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items (through retailers) goes to the selected breast cancer charity. (Of course these products all retail for only a few bucks each, at most, so we're not talking a lot of dough but still, 100% is nice.)

The second part entails an eBay auction of pink brushes autographed by celebs, including several on the D list (or at least ones I had never heard of), with all money from the auction going to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. As there aren't that many bids, it seems not many people know about the auction. Or no one wants pink plastic hairbrushes signed by celebs and D-listers. Though I can't believe the latter because people usually eat up anything that has to do with famous people. Even pink plastic hair brushes.

But, as of right this minute, the only brush pulling in really big bucks is the one signed by Johnny Depp (who by the way has a crappy signature), at $860, and the auction for 8 of the brushes ends in 1 day. (More are supposed to be put up for auction on the 17th.) I even bid on one signed by Constance Marie (pictured above), it was so cheap. But then someone outbid me. Twice. Bitches!

What was I going to do with the brush if I was the highest bidder? Blog about it and then sell it on eBay. Of course.

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