Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pink October #4

"Founded by women for women, Passion Parties is the newest twist on the Tupperware party concept. In relaxed, in-home settings, women view, taste, touch and sample a wide selection of sensual products before they buy... Passion Parties products include: edibles, sensual touch, lingerie and passion toys." [Passion Parties press release, from their website]

Being a female-run business, Passion Parties is interested not only in ensuring women achieve orgasm but also in other causes relating to women, such as breast cancer awareness. As a result, they created the 'Passion for Pink Collection' especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It contains everything a woman needs to have both a healthy sex life and healthy boobs: a pink bullet vibrator, lubricant, wipes, massage lotion and a breast health handbook (live partner optional and sold separately).

Passion Parties has pledged to donate $5 for every $50 'Passion for Pink Collection' sold during October 2007 to their own Passion Parties Charitable Foundation, which will then funnel the money onto the "Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation." [I'm sure there's some reason why the money can't just go directly to the ultimate intended recipient charities, the first of which - make a note of this, Passion Parties - changed its name to Susan G. Komen for the Cure back in January.]

So, ladies, power up that pink bullet. It's for a good cause. Added bonus: Oodles of orgasms for you!

If you actually have a need for a pink vibrator, might I suggest you contact the
Passion Parties independent consultant who thought to advertise the 'Passion for Pink Collection' in Boston's Weekly Dig, where I saw said advertisement, thus allowing me to craft this here ultra informative post? No, this is not a pay-for-post (My mom taught me to never take money from strangers.) and, no, I do not personally know the consultant (I don't have time for anything but virtual friends.); it's just about giving credit where credit is due.

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