Monday, October 15, 2007

SUVs Suck

Ditto on driving that big-ass SUV when you can walk. It uses almost as much gas as a jumbo jet.

Cars and light trucks are responsible for 20% of all carbon dioxide pollution. That's why
The Sierra Club says the one thing we can do that will have the biggest impact on preventing further global warming is improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicles we drive.

Because they are exempt from fuel efficiency regulations, SUVs are among the worst offenders when it comes to excess carbon dioxide emissions. Consider this: A Hummer averages 15 miles per gallon (MPG) while cars such as the Mini Cooper, Toyota Corolla and Honda Accord get about 30. Each gallon of gas burned results in 28 pounds of CO2 and the Hummer needs almost twice as much gas as the other cars to get anywhere!

Current hybrid cars do even better, averaging over 40 MPG. That's where we need to be to make a difference, according to the Sierra Club. If everyone drove a vehicle that got 40 MPG, they estimate, emissions that lead to global warming would be cut by 600 million tons a year. Wow.

Yeah, I know, what are guys with small dicks and suburban mothers-of-one gonna do if they can't drive a huge SUV? Not to worry; we already have the technology to make even SUVs more fuel efficient. We just need the public to demand vehicles with better mileage and car manufacturers to deliver the same. (And if everyone won't play along, then some laws to make sure they do.)

Until then, try driving less. It won't kill you to leave your vehicle parked and walk, bike or take the bus once in a while. I promise. I do it all the time.

Mostly I leave worrying about the environment to Al Gore - we can't all be ardent supporters of every cause, after all - but gas-guzzling SUVs are one of my pet peeves. Bigger is not always better.

Plus it's Blog Action Day!

Cartoon credit: Dave Walker, We Blog Cartoons


heartinsanfrancisco said...

This is definitely an issue in which size matters.

They piss me off, too, especially since those who drive them usually believe that they are invincible and therefore do not need to observe any of the rules of the road but always go first. On top of which, their drivers are usually on the phone, doing their nails, jerking off, sometimes ALL of these and not paying attention to maneuvering their behemoths safely.

I need to take a breath now.

Meloncutter said...

I must take issue with this posting. This kind of pisses me off. DAMMIT, I ATE SOY FOR 2 FRIGGIN YEARS AND NOW I HAVE A SMALL FRIGGIN DICK AND I DON'T DRIVE A FRIGGIN HUMMER. (until I hit the deer) I drove a car that got right at 30 miles to the gallon. And I will get me another high gas mileage vehicle soon.

Not all of us guys with little dicks drive hummers. Enjoy hummers yes, but not drive them.

So there.

Nanna boo boo

later Y'all.