Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Road Trip

Hey, guess where I went between Christmas and New Year's. Here's a hint.

If you guessed the Nation's Capital, you're almost right. Rock Star and I actually traveled to the vast suburban wasteland that is Northern Virginia to visit Sneaker Dude. VA's generic shopping malls and cookie-cutter condos just weren't exciting enough to bother photographing, thus all I have is a few pictures from a zip trip we took to DC one night during our stay.

In case you haven't been keeping up with my life story, Rock Star and Sneaker Dude are my 17- and 22-year-old sons, respectively. We all used to live in DC (not in Northern Virginia - the horror!) before I ceded the city to hubby-not-so-dearest in exchange for my life. That is why I dare venture there only under cover of darkness. (Or heavily armed.)

Plus our trip was a quickie - two days in Northern VA and one day each driving down and back - so there wasn't time for treks to DC. Especially not after spending hours at Costco to stock Sneaker Dude's cabinets (what he requested from Santa) and fetching the stuff put into storage when we fled DC (mostly worthless crap except for a big box of family photos, the retrieval of which almost made the thousands paid for storing everything all these years worthwhile).

Credit where credit is due: The bottom pic was taken by Sneaker Dude, not me. My camera is on its last legs and nearly all my pictures came out too dark. Sadly Santa neglected to put a new top-of-the-line digital camera in my stocking. Cheap bastard.

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Kevin said...

Y' to the Washington Monument there is a big whole in the ground. As deep as the Washington Monument is tall. It is the Martha Washington Monument.