Friday, February 01, 2008

Boy Toys a la Carte

Ladies, do you have some spare change lying around? If so a little boy toy like this one could be yours. Well, he could be yours assuming you have at least $4 million in spare change lying around.

Shit. I am about $3,999,999 short.

But for those of you who make over $500,000 a year or have at least $4 million in liquid assets, a New York City
speed dating event planned for next week may be of interest. Twenty filthy rich women, age 35 or older (chosen solely on the basis of wealth), will mingle with an equal number of under-35 hot-bodied male specimens (chosen solely on the basis of appearance) in hopes of making a love connection. Or at least to reap the benefits of the sort of legal money-for-sex arrangement that, the event's organizers point out, ugly old geezers with cash have long enjoyed.

Elizabeth Stanton would be so proud.

More details: Gothamist, Reuters, Fox Business News


Meloncutter said...

Well, I ain't under 35. But since you have a dollar, I could be had.

Times are tough. I guess if I have to slut myself out for the sake of survival I can do it.


Later Y'all.

Parlancheq said...

For you Meloncutter I'd check under the sofa cushions and try to come up with $2. ;)