Friday, February 15, 2008


Chair: $6,020
Chance to get out some anger: Priceless **

"The do hit chair is one that is custom made by letting the user smash it. The chair can be hit until you get the desired form. Made of 0.04" thick steel and a hammer for your use, the do hit chair gives you control, and a chance to get out some anger, if needed. Available for you to hit, or hit by the designer Marijn Van der Poll." [From Unica Home]

** If you have no anger to get out, a hit by the designer costs $6,718 extra (for a total cost of $12,738). Clearly it pays to harbor rage.


The Queen of Winstead said...

I could pound that chair into a paperclip somedays! Wonder what kind of experience you have to have to be the "designer" and whack all the bitches! You find the craziest shit! Thanks for visiting the castle! The Queen

fatwonkkid said...

wouldn't it be cheaper to buy soe sheet metal, weld it together and then bash it up.

you didn't factor in the medical bill to pay for the lock jaw and the tetanus shot that you will need when you sit on it and cut yourself on a sharp edge.

ShadowFalcon said...

forget chocolate I want a sledgehammer for easter