Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Criminal

Over the past several years freelance photographer Carolina Camps compiled a photo essay depicting life inside a medium-security women's prison in Argentina. Most of the approximately 275 women incarcerated there are awaiting trial on drug-related or robbery charges. They spend 20 months, on average, in jail. Those with children up to the age of 4 can keep their children with them. About 70 such children live at the prison.

I wanted to show with images how these women feel inside prison: the loneliness, the lesbianism as a way to feel loved, the self-flagellation and the suicide attempts, with wounds on their arms gaping like open mouths demanding attention. I wanted to show the drugs they use to escape, their experience of motherhood, their limited lives, the lack of freedom...

Bringing these images to light was my way of freeing them. ~Carolina Camps

Story / Photo slide show (both via Reuters)

And below a few more pics that were apparently deemed too racy for the US news audience, but were found on the photographer's webpage and a Spanish news site.

'Unidad 33 de los Hornos' prison, La Plata, Argentina
Photo credit: Carolina Camps

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