Monday, February 04, 2008

Speeding Down the Highway

I don't like the idea that a traffic cam might catch me speeding and send me a ticket in the mail. I want Johnny Law to flash his blue lights, pull me over and write up my ticket the good old-fashioned way. That gives me the opportunity to bat my eyelashes, show some titty or offer to suck Johnny off, all tried and true methods for avoiding a citation, none of which are possible when a traffic cam makes the bust.

(Kidding about the oral sex part. But only because the eyelashes and titty have always been enough.)

However, forget my personal views for a moment. Anyone familiar with Interstate-95 between New York City and Boston (i.e. the Connecticut Turnpike) should immediately recognize the following as a harebrained idea:

Governor M. Jodi Rell is expected to ask the General Assembly this week to pay for traffic cameras to catch speeders along Interstate 95 in southeastern Connecticut. The governor... will seek an unspecified sum to establish a pilot program allowing the state to capture images of speeders and mail them tickets ... A traffic-camera radar system would initially be set up in the Lyme-Old Lyme stretch of the Connecticut Turnpike ... If it reduces the number of speeders and traffic-related deaths, the technology will be installed in other areas of the state, Rell said. [Boston Globe, Feb 4, 2008]

After all, how can one exceed the speed limit when stuck in heavy congestion (if not bumper-to-bumper gridlock) on a highway built fifty years ago, much of which has not been widened since? (No exaggeration. We're talking two lanes in each direction on what is considered the main NYC to Boston thoroughfare.) Alright so maybe in some stretches where the speed limit is a measly 50 MPH, it is conceivable to 'speed' along at 65 or so, but regularly going over 70-75 just ain't happening.

Let's recap. Traffic cam speeding tickets along Connecticut's I-95 are a bad idea because, in descending order of importance: 1) I took 17 minutes of my life to blog about it when I could have been surfing the Internet for good porn, just because I care about the wellbeing of travelers on our nation's roadways; 2) I don't want a speeding ticket since that would make my auto insurance go up which would totally suck; and 3) speeding is not the main problem along this stretch of I-95, the inadequacy of the highway is. Not to mention that Connecticut state law apparently prohibits the use of cameras for ticketing purposes. So there.


Paper Propaganda said...

I have to agree, i hate photo radar, i hate those stupid signgs that tell me i am speeding, if only by a few km... while my brother my disagree strongly with me in this area, i prefer to get pulled over. (even though I never have) ... but i bet i can talk my way out of it! lol

Princess B said...

Craziness. I hate driving in Southern CT to NYC!