Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sup-ah Tuesday: Local Report

I hit the polls mid-afternoon, before the after-work rush. Surprisingly, not a single supporter was outside stomping for any candidate. Perhaps the cold, nasty rain scared them away? Wimps. Though better for me because I find it mildly annoying to have signs waved in my face and pamphlets shoved in my hand as I'm trying to go vote.

(Is anyone really swayed at the absolute last minute by who's standing outside the polls?)

Inside was a snooze fest as well. Poll workers outnumbered voters 5 to 1. Really. The only voters were me and this lady who looked to have been born before women had the right to vote. And, bless her heart, because after she ever so slowly shuffled from the door to the sign-in table, turned out she was in the wrong polling place. So off she shuffled to some other location. Democracy in action. Too bad she's a dying breed.

(Why do so many able-bodied younger folks not even bother to vote?)

I cast my non-Hillary-non-Obama vote and was out of there in less than 3 minutes. Then I had to wait the rest of the day to see how my Massachusetts neighbors voted. And surprise, surprise: Hillary! I would have guessed Obama, given that Governor Patrick and Senators Kennedy and Kerry all threw their support in his ring, but no. Girl power ruled! Or something.

(Will I see a [viable] Presidential candidate who is both female and minority in my lifetime?)

Oh yeah, deserves mention that there are a handful of Republicans living in Massachusetts. Romney emerged victorious on that side. Suggests that there is, in fact, a huge intersection between voters in the state who are Republican and those who are fucking re-tah-ded.

(Should I start writing pro-Romney rather than anti-Romney missives since Romney, unlike McCain, would surely have a difficult time winning a national election against Hillary or Obama?)


vive42 said...

well, i and my parents voted for obama. we're ABCers all the way, although obama has grown on me in that way someone grows on you once you decide they're the lesser of 2 evils.

but don't you dare make fun of the earnest sign-holders! i was one of those people last year.

i think the democratic machine was sewn up for hillary way before those endorsements, which was why obama wasn't able to take MA. last night i was literally yelling at the tv "you bitch! you stupid democrat assholes! don't call the state for hillary! noooooo!!!" hehehe. all in good fun of course, although i was totally not as upset at the super bowl loss...

speaking of, i wonder if the super bowl loss was bad for obama. i had a theory beforehand it would be bad for hope and optimism and motivation and all that jazz. wish i'd blogged that beforehand, now there's no proof i was brilliant before the fact.

Meloncutter said...

Alas, the real viable power politicians will not run for and hold public office. They know they can run and control the country far more easily from the seat of their board of directors chairs than from the oval office, senate floor or the House of Reps.

They make alot more money there too. So we are stuck with failed businessmen, flunkies, and pawns as our choice of leaders for this country. If they were worth a poop they would be in charge of a corporation and just lobbying for what they want done in government instead of running for office.

Its sad.

Later Y'all.