Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sup-ah Tuesday

A Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots on Sunday would set up a big-league conflict between politics and sports ... The victory parade would have to be on Super Tuesday, when Massachusetts votes with 21 other states in critical Democratic and Republican presidential primaries ... The notion of Super-super Tuesday had some voting advocacy groups yesterday contemplating how the presidential candidates will fare in a head-to-head matchup against what could be the best team in football history. [Boston Globe, 1/29/2008]

Football or the future of our country? For the typical Bostonite: Pats, hands down. (Perhaps it's just as well that the Giants whooped their butts, then?) Guess since I won't be attending the Super Bowl parade after all (as if), it's time to think about who will get my vote in the primary.

I am enthused my choices include both a woman and an African American. To have someone with either of those attributes in the White House would be huge. But just like voting against someone solely because they are female or black is inappropriate, so is voting for someone based on gender or race alone. And the thing is, I don't feel warm and fuzzy about Hillary or Obama.

Hmm. Three different online quizzes say I should vote for former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. (Now there's a name you don't hear every day.) He also scored high (second, behind the now-gone-bye-bye Kucinich) when I
took a who-to-vote-for quiz several months back. I guess that means neither of us are flip-floppers, which is good because flip-floppers are not to be trusted.

(Speaking of
flip-floppers: The ill-conceived universal health plan Mitt Romney saddled Massachusetts with when he was pretending to be our governor but really grooming himself for a Presidential run, looks like it'll cost way more than estimated. Surprise, surprise. As an aside: The answer is not to give everyone coverage so they can afford overpriced healthcare; it's to make healthcare services more affordable so people can afford basic services in the first place. Maybe someday a politician will actually figure that out. But I digress.)

So... it comes to this: Go with my gut (and by go with my gut I mean vote for the fringe candidate who a few Internet quizzes suggest is my guy) or jump on the Hillary or Obama bandwagon (with reservations).




Alright the gut has it. I'm voting for Mike what's-his-name from Alaska. And that's my final decision.


In any case, let's face it, since I'm ambivalent regarding the frontrunners it doesn't matter one way or the other. Either Hillary or Obama WILL win the Democratic nomination and whichever wins has my vote come November for sure. And when he, or she, turns out to be the best president this country has seen in eight years (not that it'll take much to achieve), I will simply come back here, delete this post and say, 'I told ya so.'

Candidate Calculator (2nd: Obama, 3rd: Ron Paul, 4th: Hillary ... Last: Mitt)

Connect 2 Elect (The site annoyingly makes you register and give an email address. I might have accidently typed mine in wrong. Oops.)

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