Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Code Rainbow Terror Alert

Reason #726 to not move to Oklahoma.

There are homos and tigers and bears there. Oh my.

Not to mention dangerous individuals who are infiltrating our government, indoctrinating our youngsters and ruining the lives of our teens. I am referring, of course, to people like Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern, whose over-the-top homophobic remarks are heard in this video.


Le Renard said...

You have got to be kidding me. People like this should be sterilized and locked up in a cell with padded walls.

Notice that she says "mkay" like the guidance counselor from South Park? I find that humorous.

Deb said...

Being from Oklahoma, I don't really enjoy being stereotyped and grouped into one big general boiling pot with a person of such ignorance as the one you speak of here.

We're not all ignorant arseholes any more than all people from Mexico are illegal and living off our hard earned taxes.

Being a world of individuals, there are always going to be idiots in the limelight. Hopefully the people of Oklahoma will now wise up and stop having a person like this representing them.