Monday, May 05, 2008

Anonymous Sex

I met this guy. I'll call him BS. (Those are his initials. Read into that what you will.)

If not for the fact that he occupied seat 3A and me seat 3B on the Boston-bound Amtrak, it's unlikely our paths would ever have crossed. (That's the poetic way of saying we do not run in the same circles.) Yet we seem to have hit it off. We followed up our 10-hour first date (i.e., the train ride from DC to Boston) with a lunch date this past weekend, not to mention chatting via telephone almost every day since our chance encounter.

I get little tingles up and down my spine when we talk. Really. I just can't decide if they're a sign of attraction or my body's way of telling me to run away and never look back.

You see, BS is a self-described former thug, has seen active duty in the military, and is currently in training as a boxer. In other words, if he has even the slightest DV tendencies, he has the connections, training and physical ability to seriously fuck me up. (Thanks to hubby dearest I now size up all potential mates this way.) So, for the time being, BS doesn't get to know where I live or work, or even my last name.

Which begs the question, how slutty would it be to have sex with a guy who doesn't even know my full name? If it's not exponentially sluttier than, say, sleeping with a guy on a third date, then I'm good.


scalpel said...

Almost any man has the ability to seriously fuck you up. Whether they will or not is another matter. But if you're having thoughts like that, it's probably your spidey sense tingling.

If he has your phone number, then he can probably track down your name and address too, unless you've taken extra precautions. It must be hard to date these days.

Nina said...

Hey, as long as you have his full name and have run a background check, he doesn't need yours.

Have sex on the train and tell us all about it, so I can vicariously live through you!

CP said...

Totally not slutty...and I have advice for you. A product to purchase. Go to my blog.

Don't paralyze your life over DV. Otherwise, it still owns you.


Isabella Snow said...

That type tend to be good in bed, as long as they aren't totally selfish. If you want it, go get it! You only need to know a first name for good pillow talk, anyway. ;)