Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring Break

This is the obligatory post to explain the huge gap between my last post and the one I am currently formulating in my mind and may post later today about this guy I met so you all can tell me how completely wrong he is for me and help me come to my senses before I do something really crazy. Like have sex with him. Or tell him my last name. Not necessarily in that order.

Spring semester I was enrolled in two graduate courses in addition to pretending to work full-time and occasionally attending to my mothering duties. I do not recommend this to anyone who enjoys sitting around on her fat ass as much as I do. Seriously, I had to forgo my usual Saturday-and-Sunday-sleep-in-till-noon routine on multiple occasions in order to write papers for school.

But the good thing is that now I have completed five courses. Six more and I can tag MA onto my name. Yippee. Though first I have to take the GREs and actually apply to the graduate program, as I have now reached the max on credits I can take as a non-matriculated student. Fuck.

Meanwhile, my boss had the nerve to force me to travel not once but twice in April. If you ask me, there is nothing less enjoyable than schlepping to another city whilst being denied the chance to actually see any part of said city other than the airport (or, in my case, the train station since I am paranoid about getting on a plane), some cookie-cutter chain hotel room, and a windowless conference room.

So I extended both trips by a day or so for pleasure purposes. I had hoped to buy a new camera before my travels, but never got around to it so wasn't especially enthused about picture taking. Nevertheless I will post a few shots momentarily to prove that I didn't just make all this shit up.

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