Thursday, July 03, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Remember BS, that guy I met back in April? Well, ten weeks later, he's history...

~ Telephone conversation, July 3rd ~

Me: (Thinking that if this weekend is once again going to entail me schlepping down to Providence and sitting around watching TV while BS slams back a few 40-oz St. Ides malt liquors that I will no doubt be asked to pay for because BS seems to always be 'short on cash,' then perhaps staying home alone would be preferable, though maybe not since, like, what fun is staying home alone?) "I wanted to talk to you because I'm not sure our relationship is working out..."

BS: "OK. Bye."

Me: (Surprised, since I figured we would talk and BS would convince me that he wasn't the loser I was beginning to sense he might be.) "Um..."

BS: "What do you mean, 'um'? You're sending me mixed signals."

Me: (Does he sound sad, mad or relieved? I can't tell.) "Alright, then I guess bye." (Wondering if we really are about to call it quits, just like that.)

BS: "OK, Bye." [click]

Me: (Thinking, wow, that was rather odd and unexpected, but at least BS didn't turn out to be a stalker. Apparently my luck with guys is improving.)

[Make-up post, posted July 18]

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