Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Looks and Good Taste

The winner of the third annual Guinea Pig Festival ('Festival del Cuy') beauty pageant was crowned yesterday in Huacho, Peru. In addition to a valuable prize package that included a custom plastic-bejeweled crown and a professional photo shoot, Miss Guinea Pig 2008 will receive media recognition and unlimited worldwide exposure on the Internet.

Runners-up in the beauty pageant were offered the chance to partake in the festival's culinary contest.

"The meat tastes like rabbit or the dark meat of chicken, in case you were wondering." ~More pics and details here.

In other news (I kid you not)...

Peru has begun to export canned guinea pig meat to China and the United States, said Roberto Espinal of the Instituto Superior Tecnol├│gico P├║blico de Huanta, which believes there is world-wide market potential for guinea pig meat in a time of food shortages. ~El Porvenir, July 14, 2008 [Mexican newspaper, link in Spanish]

Look for it soon at a grocery store near you.


Anonymous said...

hey! something retarded has been going on, since for the past month or so i've been seeing the same old post whenever i clicked on your link in my favorites i got the same month old post and thought you were mia or something. weird. i'll have to remember to click refresh to make sure i'm not having tricks played on me.

anyway, update your links already! girl in back is way old news. it's and "some more of god's greatest mistakes" nowadays!

Parlancheq said...

Blameful: I was going to keep the Girl in Back link for old times sake because it was one of the first blogs I ever surfed to... but since you insist I'll update it. ;)