Monday, September 29, 2008

Does This Offend You? (#16)

'Disrespecting the Star'

Because it sure offended Tank Johnson of the Dallas Cowboys when Washington Redskins' player Rock Cartwright 'disrespected the star' that sits center field at Texas Stadium following the Redskins' 26-24 win over the Cowboys in Sunday's match-up between the rival teams.

Mind you, there was no peeing involved in the actual event. (That would be offensive. Or maybe more like disgusting.) Rather, Rock stood on the coveted blue star and "gazed through the iconic hole in the roof of Texas Stadium." Tank felt this 'disrespected the star' and let rip several choice words to show his discontent. Reports are he even had to be restrained lest the spat get out of hand. Tank later explained his anger stemmed not from the Redskins' celebration per se, but from the fact that Rock celebrated on the star, which Tank called "a classless act."

Without suggesting a person who has served jail time for weapons charges and had other assorted scuffles with law enforcement may not be an authority on etiquette - because it wouldn't be too wise to upset such a guy, especially a 6-foot-3-inch-300-pound one who goes by the moniker Tank - dare I point out that celebrating a win is not bad sportsmanship? At least not in the way that throwing a curse-laced hissy fit over the supposed loss of your honor is.

In fact, what is really offensive (actually, make that mildly irritating; after all we're talking about football, not something that really matters) is the fact that a grown man who gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to chase a ball around a field came across as a pitiful sorry sport after things didn't go his way in Sunday's game. Indeed, losing gracefully is a skill far too many professional athletes lack. Good thing our kids don't look up to them or anything.

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