Sunday, October 05, 2008

An Apple a Day

Went to the boonies this weekend to fetch some apples straight from the orchard. Beats getting them at the grocery store where they are always covered in disgusting wax. After everyone's favorite produce guy Meloncutter revealed fruits are waxed so they can be stored in the warehouse for up to a year, I haven't been able to eat a waxy apple without practically upchucking.

I was accompanied on my excursion by my son Rock Star and his girlfriend, who, having put up with Rock Star for about 10 months and counting, is now worthy of a blog name and shall heretofore be referred to as Goldilocks, due to her lovely, long, thick, wavy hair (yes, I'm jealous). Because they spent the day with me Rock Star said I am no longer allowed to complain he never does anything with me. Almost never will still be accurate, however.

This was our apple haul (two 1/2 bushel bags). Though it may not look it from the picture, turns out that a bushel is a shitload of apples. Seriously, for the next few weeks we will be eating nothing but plain apples, applesauce, apple cake, apple pie, apple crisp, apple burgers and apple spinach lasagna. (OK, well maybe not those last few.)

The place we went to pick apples - Nicewicz Family Farm in Bolton, MA - is in the middle of nowhere and, having never been to the middle of nowhere before, we made two wrong turns trying to find it, but it was worth it. The homey and non-commercialized feel was great. Added bonus: They grow super yummy corn on the cob. (I can attest to this from buying their stuff at my local farmer's market, which is how I found out about them for apple picking.)

On the way home we stopped at
Nashoba Valley Winery, mostly out of curiosity after seeing the sign. Turns out they have pick-your-own apples, too, in addition to wine making. The place was beyond packed, though, to the point where it wasn't even enjoyable to be in their 'shoppe.' Not that the crowd stopped me from buying wine, mind you, just glad we didn't pick apples there because all the damn people would have ruined my idyllic country experience. Anyway, among a few more normal selections, I bought this.

The description said cranberry-apple wine is "a New England tradition on the Thanksgiving table," though I'm not sure I believe that since my New England ancestors date back almost to the first Thanksgiving and the stuff has never ever been on my Thanksgiving table. I doubt I'll hold out 'till Thanksgiving to uncork it (alcoholic that I am - kidding!), so it seems unlikely it'll be on my Thanksgiving table this year either. So much for the veracity of wine descriptions.

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ShadowFalcon said...

I'd love to go apple picking. the closest I get is stealing fruit from my mum's garden. ummm cranberry and apple....