Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

When I was in DC I bought a t-shirt for Rock Star that is emblazoned with the logo of Capital Hemp, a new-ish store in Adams Morgan that sells (surprise, surprise) stuff made out of hemp. It perhaps would be more novel if not for the fact that Rock Star frequents The Hempest, a store that's been in Boston & Cambridge, Mass for years. But, still, the t-shirt I got scores high on the cool scale just by virtue of saying 'made in DC' on the back (even though it's made in China, according to the label inside).

Too bad Rock Star hasn't gotten it yet because he was bad when I was away. He skipped school and then straight out lied when I asked him about it because I suspected he had skipped. Very disappointing! Seriously, it hurts to know that my kid doesn't even have the decency to be stealth about doing dumb teen stuff so I won't find out and have to come up with a punishment of some sort.

Meanwhile I had to take Sneaker Dude shopping when I was in DC because he got a new job. That would be a good thing except he only needed a new job after getting fired from his old job for being a slacker. So, yeah, I had to shell out $200 bucks for a suit at Macy's so he can go work at ... Macy's. And now I'll have to refrain from trashing Macy's until he gets fired moves on to a new job.

Jeez. This parenting stuff is too much like work.

(The picture above is rather crappy due to being taken with a cell, but check out the awesome detail
here, here and here.)

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