Monday, October 13, 2008

Classified Information

I was beginning to think the focus of this soon-to-be-completed mural in my old 'hood in DC was classified. I say that because the faces of those depicted remain covered up and a quick search of the Internet yielded squat about the mural. But, never fear, I was persistent and have uncovered the scoop for you.

Prince of Petworth (who takes great photos if you are ever inclined to see some parts of our nation's capital where real folk, as opposed to politicians, live) mentioned the mural-to-be way back in June, but I had to search and search before finding more info in the most recent issue of Washington Hispanic. (Gracias a Dios I speak Spanish or I might have had to post these pics without a detailed explanation.)

According to that source the mural is entitled 'Keep Driving On' and will feature 10 presidents as well as DC landmarks like the Capitol and White House. The artist is Salvadoran-born, DC-based Karlísima (a.k.a. Karla Rodas). (There's no mention of the mural on her website, however.) The work was funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Mama Ayesha's Restaurant (Yum!), on whose side wall the mural is located.

Regarding the work, the artist was quoted as saying, "Quiero dejar una marca, que soy salvadoreña, que soy latina y con este mural transmitir un mensaje de perseverancia y dedicación." (For you gringos that's, "I want to make a mark, that I am Salvadoran, that I am Latina and with this mural convey a message of perseverance and dedication.")

Perhaps that statement will make more sense once the completed mural is unveiled. At the moment, however, I'm not sure I see the connection. Nice mosaic flag, though.

Side of Mama Ayesha's Restaurant
Calvert Street, NW ~ Washington, DC
October 11, 2008

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