Sunday, November 02, 2008

The 11-Year-Old Virgin

Gotta love the English tabloids. This picture and caption appeared in today's Daily Mail.

Young Charlotte Baird wanted to remain a virgin until age 11? But then she changed her mind? So, like, the little hussy did the dirty deed before age 11?

Actually, no. Fire the caption writer because the accompanying news story explains that
Ms. Baird decided at age 11 to save herself for Mr. Right. What's tabloid worthy about that, you ask. Well, twenty-five years later, the poor dear still hasn't found Mr. Right.

Said the now 36-year-old:

"... Of course, I am curious to know what [making love] would be like. I'm not dead from the neck down. I'm a normal healthy person. I know that some people who are celibate don't have a sex drive at all, but that is not the case with me..."

Since Ms. Baird claims to be "very happy and feel fulfilled," I'm guessing she has one hell of a vibrator collection.

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crazy working mom said...

Heh! Yup, I'll bet she has a whole cabinet designated to those puppies (vibrators that is!). Great post!