Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dinner Date

I forgot how quickly the men bite on Plenty of Fish. After ignoring the online dating site for a year or so, I revamped my profile late Sunday. By Monday morning I had multiple emails, one of which already blossomed into a date offer for Tuesday. That's a great boost to the ol' self esteem, but doesn't exactly allow time to get my roots dyed or pick out a special outfit before the all-important first date. Crap.

Perhaps I shouldn't stress too much. After talking via telephone tonight for over two and a half hours hours my potential suitor declared it doesn't matter what I look like Tuesday evening because he's already decided he likes me. How he knows that exactly, I'm not sure because I said only three words during our entire conversation. OK, I exaggerate, but he is a talker, that's for sure.

I practically know his whole life story and his every like and dislike. He's a semi-conservative army guy who reads the Bible and has possible Oedipus complex issues due to a difficult childhood. The dude's still a keeper, though, because he loves eating out. In fact, he said all I need to do is make a reservation and he'll make sure I get whatever I'd like from the menu. Seconds even, if I want.


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Nina said...

Oh please DISH!