Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Sucks

Santa was willing to shell out an outrageous $309.99 for two pairs of sneakers in a snazzy box just to make a boy's Christmas wishes come true. Problem is, one minute after the Jordan Collezione XI/XII went on sale at midnight the entire online supply at every major athletic shoe retailer was depleted.

Sorry, Sneaker Dude, I tried to get you what you wanted for Christmas, I really did. I even had multiple windows open and clicked the purchase button on four different websites within seconds of the Jordan's becoming available, like you instructed, but no luck. And, no, as much as I love you, I am not willing to pay $600+ to buy them off eBay, which is where 99% of the sneaker sets sold at midnight no doubt already landed.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

So sorry. I know it sucks.

masgblog said...

at least you tried....that matters