Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogging from the Inauguration

Sort of. Actually blogging from my couch in front of the TV that is tuned in to the inauguration. Anyway, here are some thoughts on the inauguration, jotted down in the moment with little forethought, something I’m not really good at but, given the historic nature of Obama's inauguration, I’m giving it a go. Along with 2 million other bloggers, no doubt.

The Intros

Hmm, as the President elect entered he was introduced as Barak H. Obama rather than Barack Hussein Obama. Perhaps the thought was that the US is ready for a Black president but not quite ready for a president with a Muslin-sounding name.

When they panned to Dubya he had a smirk on his face. I’m tempted to insert some negative comments about Bush’s presidency here, but Bush is so yesterday at this point that I won't bother.

The Invocation

The invocation, delivered by a purpose-driven asshole, was inappropriate, if you ask me. Why quote scripture, mention Jesus, and recite the Lord’s Prayer when that stuff is only relevant to Christians, not everyone else in the US? Isn't there something about separation of church and state in the Constitution, or am I remembering that wrong?

The Entertainment

Damn, that’s some crazy get-up Aretha Franklin has on her head. (Here's a picture, in case you missed it.) Normally I’d take a minute to trash it but I was rudely interrupted by a phone call. Apparently there is at least one person in the US not watching the inauguration. Thanks to that person for messing up my blogging flow.

The Swearing In

At 12:04 p.m. NBC's Tom Brokaw announced that Obama had now been president for four minutes although he had yet to take the oath of office. If he's already President it kind of makes the swearing in seem pointless, doesn't it?

Oh, they just used the President’s full name after all, calling him Barack Hussein Obama in the swearing in. A Black Muslim in the Oval Office! *gasp* Five White bigots in Middle America just had strokes. (And, yes, I do know that Obama is not Muslim.)

Can’t say as if I love, love, love the First Lady’s yellow dress and coat ensemble – plus it looks like she’s freezing to death – but I like that Michelle and the Obama girls’ outfits don’t match. It makes it look like they didn’t spend big bucks on their attire even though they probably did.

But, Michelle, hun, you gotta work on that tongue thing, OK? We can't have pics circulating the world showing the First Lady's tongue stucking out so unflatteringly. After all, now that you're First Lady it's all about your looks not your brain.

The Inauguration Speech

Blah, blah, blah. I’ll leave the commentary of Obama’s speech to the pundits.

Pan to Malia who is snapping pics of her Dad’s speech with her little digital camera. Legions of professional photographers are recording the moment, but she’s making her own photo album. That's adorable. We can only hope the pressures of the White House won’t ruin her.

The Inauguration Poem

The poem was about darning uniforms and picking cotton. Or something. I never get poems. The audience didn’t seem to either since it took them a few seconds to clap after it was over.

The Benediction

A benediction? God, haven’t we already had enough of you today? I tuned it out until the end when, if I heard right, there was something about Whitie (finally) doing what’s right. Obama smiled at that.

The Exit

Little Sasha did a jig when she left the podium with her family. This is way better than being in school, she must be thinking.

Pan to Hilary wearing a giant smile to mask the fact that she thinks she should have been up there getting sworn in instead of Obama.

Are those blue things on the podium seats blankets? If so, the VIPs had it way better than all the riffraff squished in on the Mall. (The temp in DC today was 30 degrees F, literally freezing. Brrr.)

The Departure Ceremony

Bye-Bye Bushie. Your era is over. At long last. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate you. I just think you're kind of a dimwit and I object to most of what you did in office. So, no, I probably won’t be stopping by the ranch in Texas for a social visit. Try to not be too sad.

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heartinsanfrancisco said...

Have you noticed that Hillary Wannabee has had so much Botox that she wears a perpetual look of surprise and can't take off that giant smile?