Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beat It, CNN

To the person at CNN who decides which news is so important as to be worthy of being emailed to the masses as a 'Breaking News Alert,' did we really need FOUR separate emails about the untimely passing of Wacko Jacko?

5:20 PM email: "Pop singer Michael Jackson has suffered cardiac arrest, CNN affiliate KTLA reports."

6:26 PM email: "Pop singer Michael Jackson in coma after cardiac arrest, CNN reports."

6:37 PM email: "Pop singer Michael Jackson has died, according to multiple reports."

7:33 PM email: "Michael Jackson is dead, CNN confirms."

1 comment:

jay said...

I know. We heard it first last night, when it was news. Fair enough, he was very popular in certain quarters. But they're still calling it 'breaking news' at lunchtime today?

What more is there to break, for heaven's sake? Give it a rest!