Monday, June 22, 2009

Crash and Burn

The Bolivian television station 'Red PAT' scooped major US and European stations last week when it was among the first news outlets in the world to broadcast chilling images taken on board doomed Air France flight 447 moments before it fell from the sky on June 1st.

The images show the plane breaking apart mid flight, confirming investigator's suspicions of what caused the Paris-bound plane to crash into the ocean after leaving Rio de Janeiro. The pictures were retrieved from a memory card of a mangled camera that was among hundreds of pieces of debris recovered from the ocean near where the plane went down.

[Bolivian TV news, pics of plane breaking apart start around 0:08.]

Actually, strike that. The pictures, which the station received via an anonymous email, were retrieved from an episode of the TV show Lost.

[Lost, pics of plane breaking apart start around 0:43.]

Oops. How do you say punk'd in Spanish?

Actually, strike that. How do you say, thou shalt always double check thy sources? Seriously, even I do that. And I just write a nonsense blog that hardly anyone reads, not relay the day's news.

Credit where credit is due: First saw on La Mala Palabra [link in Spanish]. Lost video clip and the story in English later seen at J.N. Paquet's EditoBlog.


Gabriel said...

Thou shalt always double check the sources = "Deberás siempre chequear tus fuentes dos veces"

But I know it was a rethorical question! :-)

jay said...

Short of news that day, were they? Sheesh!