Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gangsta Girls

It's not easy being a teenage girl in a big city that has been wracked by violence over the years. But for members of the recently-formed, all-female crew known as "Rap Curse," chillin with their homegirls provides a refuge, of sorts.

Don't let their bad-ass looks deceive you, Rap Curse is not a street gang but rather a hip hop dance group. The seven 15- and 16-year-old girls who started it did so because they hope to prove women are every bit as capable and skilled as men when it comes to hip hop dance. Already proven, you say? Well, perhaps not in the girls' hometown of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, where hip hop dancing had previously been a guy-only activity.

Said Zeina, one of the Rap Curse members, "Girls are not less talented than boys, provided that the society does not stand in their way." Word up. And here's hoping that Iraqi Kurdistan society will not stand in the way of what these and other women want to do ... even stuff as silly as emulating American gangsta culture.

More pics and story here: Al Arabiya News Channel

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