Friday, June 26, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Think legislating is boring? Well, not in Louisiana where they provide live entertainment on the floor of the legislature. And cake, too! Don't believe me? Well, video proof from the June 24th Louisiana Legislature session is going viral as I blog.

Yep, that's right, rapper Hurricane Chris, of
YouTube fame, recently sang (or lip synced, mostly, it appears) his little ditty 'Halle Barry (She's Fine)' for legislators:
"She fine den a bitch, ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nig want her
Call her Halle Berry, Halle Berry ..."

Actually Hurricane performed a PC version with nary a mention of bitches or nigs. But, still, rather inappropriate. Yadda, yadda, no need to say more because posts to this effect are already all over the Internet. Google it if you care.

But here's what I haven't seen many mention yet. After Hurricane wraps up his performance (8:55 into the full-length video, which most people probably don't bother to see out to the end), some dude identified as Representative Thibaut takes the floor and asks Hurricane to consider writing a rap about his fellow Representative Norton (who happens to be Hurricane's godmother), adding:
"...Ms. Barbara Norton. Cuz, a, did you know? She IS fine."

Um, just what is Thibaut trying to say? That he thinks his colleague has a great ass and tits, and is deliciously thick in the hips?? Because that's Hurricane's definition of fine.

Credit where credit is due: Came across the video/story on We Saw That.

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jay said...

Yup. Count me among those who didn't bother to see it out to the end. Just far enough to see that a) I can't hear a word he's saying, but b) he thinks quite a lot of himself. Whoever he is. LOL!