Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trashy Summer Reading

Today I cataloged all the fine literature I've read so far this summer using LibraryThing. I'm not sure what purpose this serves -- other than to show the world that I read mostly mindless trash -- but at the time it seemed way more important than doing all the things on my work to-do list.

I started off using Shelfari but, after fighting with it for 30 minutes just to enter one book, I decided that it sucks and bailed. Moving over to LibraryThing, it took less than 30 minutes to enter all eleven books I've read since June AND to create a little widget with the corresponding book covers for my blog side bar. (It's way down at the bottom of the sidebar if you'd like to admire it.)

As an added bonus LibraryThing automatically compiles fun stats for users. (Shelfari does not.) Like, now I know that my average rating for books I have read recently is 2.45 out of 5 stars. This is important info because it shows that, even though I read trash, I know it's trash.

But lest you think that this is some paid post to taut the virtues of LibraryThing (which it is not), I should point out the cons of LibraryThing, too. It only allows users to catalog 200 books before becoming paid members. (Shelfari is free regardless of the number of books.) That's why I decided to list only books I've read recently and not every book on my bookshelf. Well, that was one of the reasons anyway. The other is that, contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life.

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Jay said...

Oh! It looked so good until I got to the part about only being able to catalogue 200 books before having to be a fully paid up member! That would be a small fraction of our collection.

Interesting site though!